The Onlinepraxis –
time for me

Patients can access the practice around the clock. The doctor or practice assistant can then respond to questions when time permits. Patients can access the information from the doctor securely and at any time. For minor medical problems, they thus save themselves the trip to the doctor and any waiting times there. Results of laboratory analyses or other tests can, for example, be requested from or communicated to the online practice in writing. This provision is similar to online banking, which most people are familiar with.

Through an interface, the online practice can exchange data with the practice software within seconds; the patient’s medical data are always available for the online consultation irrespective of time and place. At the same time, written online communication is directly integrated into the electronic patient record of the practice software. This ensures flawless documentation without data duplication. Services provided in conjunction with the online consultation are recorded and transmitted via the interface to the practice software for billing.