Overview of our advanced training programme

Our advanced training programme incorporates your experiences.
Short presentations provide you with the theoretical foundations; practical examples are considered in group and plenary sessions.
We discuss jointly how you can integrate what you have learned into your daily work.

Our training programme includes the following modules:

“Making urgent decisions and recognising emergencies”, basic module

You receive an introduction to the medical aspects of good triage

“Making urgent decisions and recognising emergencies”, advanced module

You consolidate your knowledge of the medical aspects of good triage

“Improved organisation of medical triage in practice”, organisational module

You look into the organisational aspects of good triage

“Effective communication for deciding on urgency and recognising emergencies”

You deliberate on the communication aspects required for a good triage interview

Feedback on our advanced training provisions - a selection• “Useful tips for patient triage that can be put into practice”

• “My questions have been answered”
• “Varied, practical, realistic, interesting”
• “Thank you for the fantastic seminar”
• “Interesting, great variety with theory and case studies”